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Family Tree Diagrams

This section of the site contains the whole family tree in diagram form. Obviously, for a tree that goes back up to 12 generations, it is not possible to cover the entire tree in one diagram. The approach I have taken is to present a number of diagrams covering 5 separate levels. The first of these levels covers from me to my great grandparents. Thereafter diagrams cover three generations leading from each couple at the lower end of the previous level. So, for example at the top level, the lowest line shows four sets of great grandparents, one of which is Robert McKay and Ann Begley. So at Level 2, I have a diagram showing the ancestry to Robert and Ann down to their grandparents and so on.

Within each diagram, clicking on a name will take you to that individual's page. Clicking on the word arrow at the foot of each line will take you to the next level down and so on. Where the line does not continue the word 'END' will appear at the foot of a diagram.

Below, I have listed each level and the individual diagrams within those levels. Again you can click on the individual diagram references to go to that particular diagram.