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Peter McIntyre

Generation 7




1841 Census

1851 Census

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I finally found Peter, through the ongoing investigation of his daughter, Elizabeth McIntyre.  I had searched for ages for Elizabeth's birth record and finally found it on 2nd May 2022.   I knew from Census records that Elizabeth must have been born around 1808/09. Today (2nd May 2022) I found a birth record for an Elizabeth McIntyre in the right year (1809) and the right place (Glasgow, Lanarkshire). However, as I had no other record (at this time) that names her parents, it was difficult to say categorically, that it was the correct Elizabeth.   However, as is often the case, we can draw on circumstantial evidence to state, with a high degree of confidence that it was correct. That circumstantial evidence includes:

  • the birth year accords with the age ascribed to Elizabeth in the 1841 and 1851 Censuses;
  • the birth place accords with that recorded in the 1851 Census (the 1841 Census only records whether or not born in Scotland - it said 'Yes';
  • the parents on this record are Peter McIntyre and Jean Forsyth and Elizabeth named two of her children Peter (her first born son) and Jean (her first born daughter);
  • Elizabeth also had siblings called Peter and Jean and one of the witnesses to her son Peter's baptism was a Peter McIntyre, likely her brother.

Elizabeth's baptism record showed that her parents were Peter McIntyre and Jean Forsyth.


Marriage - 6th July 1806

Peter married Jean Forsyth in Glasgow, Lanarkshire.  The full record reads:

"Peter McIntyre, Print cutter in Glas'w : & Jean Forsyth, Residents there."

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16th October 1806

Peter's son, Peter, was born on this date in Glasgow. The full record reads:

"Peter, Printcutter, & Jean Forsyth; a L:  a son, Peter, bo: 16th Witn: Thomas Cochran & William Keith."

Note:  Jean would have been pregnant when she married Peter.

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12th January 1809

Peter's daughter, Elizabeth, was born on this date in Glasgow.  The full record reads:

"Peter McIntyre, Point setter & Jean Forsyth a L . Daur : Elizabeth bo: 12th.  Witn: John Primrose & Robert Strachan.

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20th January 1815

Peter's daughter, Cathrine, was born on this date in Glasgow. The full record reads:

"Peter McIntyre, Point cutter & Jean Forsyth a L . Daughter : Cathrine born 20th. Witn: Robert Strachan & James McLellan."

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17th December 1827

Peter's daughter, Elizabeth, married Henry Martin (6)in Glasgow. The actual entry read:-

"Henry Martin Shoemaker of Glasgow and Elizabeth McIntyre residing there married 17th December. Dr. Duncan McFarlan one of the ministers of Glasgow."

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