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Margaret Stewart

Generation 6




1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census



1890 /91











As with her husband, James McCulloch, I first learned of Margaret's existence from her daughter, Eliza McCulloch's Birth and Marriage records. As yet, I have been unable to find any direct record of her own. There is no record of a Margaret Stewart and James McCulloch marrying anytime between 1790 and 1820, which, given the date of Eliza's birth in 1814, seems a reasonable period in which to have searched. Lastly, I have been unable to find a Death record for Margaret after 1841, when, thanks to the 1841 Census, we know she was alive.

There is, however, a record of a James McCulloch and Margaret McCulloch in the 1841 Census. They are recorded as living in Johnstone, the same place in which their daughters, Eliza and Janet were born. It seems probable that this is our Margaret.


Birth - 1890 /91

Given the age ascribed to Margaret in the 1841 Census, it seems likely she was born during this time. However, searches over this period and several years either side, have not uncovered a likely record of her birth.

11th June 1814

Margaret's daughter, Eliza, was born in Johnstone, Dumfriesshire. Her parents were recorded as being James McCulloch and Margaret Stewart.


Margaret's daughter, Janet, was born in 1818, in "Johnstone by Lockerbie", Dumfriesshire. Her parents were James McCulloch and Margaret Stewart. This would appear to vindicate the 1841 Census record as being for the same James and Margaret McCulloch.

1841 Census

The Census records Margaret as living at Moor of Lochbrow, Johnstone (Dumfriesshire), she is aged 50 and her husband, James, is aged 60. Also living there are James, aged 10 and Jannet (sic) aged 20. I presume they are James and Margaret's children. All are recorded as having been born in Dumfriesshire.

View record.

5th April 1846

Margaret's daughter, Eliza, married David McKay at Trinity College Parish Church, Edinburgh. The entry records that Eliza's father was James McCulloch, but there is no name given for her mother.

21st October 1875

Margaret's daughter, recorded as Elizabeth McKay, (whom I believe to be the correct Eliza), died at 11 a.m. in St. Cuthbert's Poorhouse. She was aged 60 and her father's name was recorded as, simply, McCulloch; no first name given and no name given for her mother.