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Margaret McQueen (4)

Generation 4




1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census














As with all the McQueens, there are challenges in getting to know Margaret. We have her death and her 1901 Census entry and we also have records from Helensburgh Cemetery that show Margaret, her mother Jeanie McQueen and her daughter Margaret McQueen (3) all buried in the same lair.

It is interesting that, at the time of the 1901 Census, Margaret is still living, as a boarder, at 49 Clyde Street, Glasgow – 7 years after the birth of her daughter, who was born at that address. It is also interesting that Clyde Street is in the Parish of Barony, as that is the same Parish in which her mother, Jean Martin, married William McQueen. Perhaps Jean and later Margaret lived in Barony during all that period? What, I wonder, prompted them to move all the way to Helensburgh some time between 1901 and 1912 (the year of Margaret’s death – she died in Helensburgh)?  

For quite some time I was unable to find Margaret in the 1911 Census, but it turns out that was because she was registered under another name - "Margaret Hallie".  I came about this almost by accident (on 25th April 2022), when I was looking for her daughter, Margaret McQueen (3) in the 1911 Census and found her at 19 William Street, Helensburgh.  In the past I had discounted this entry because of the absence of a mother called Margaret McQueen.  At that time I would not have been aware of the importance of that address, but now that I know this was the address at which Margaret McQueen (4) died one year later, there can be little doubt that Margaret Hallie is Margaret McQueen (4), particularly as the age and occupation is right.  This then turned my attention to the person named as the Head of Household, namely Jeannie Queen.  Margaret's mother was called Jean McQueen and the age given to 'Jean Queen' (80) was close to the age Jean McQueen would have been at that time.  I was unable to find Jean McQueen previously in the 1911 Census and this the address at which Jeannie McQueen died in 1922, I think this is probably her and what we have is an example of a careless Enumerator.

Might this also be why I cannot find Margaret (4) or her mother, Jean, in the 1871, 1881 and 1891 Censuses.

In the 1901 Census Margaret is recorded as being a widow. However, she is shown as single inn the 1911 Census and on her death certificate and there is no evidence of her ever being married.  It was her own mother, Jean, who informed of Margaret’s death, so she must have known if she was single or not. So was the 1901 Census entry simply a mistake by the enumerator or did Margaret deliberately mislead, pretending to be married because of the stigma of being an unmarried mother? Perhaps she needed her landlord to believe she was married to retain the accommodation. Or maybe she was indeed married and we simply can’t find the record, but then would she have been a McQueen? It’s a mystery!



From the age given on her death certificate, Margaret must have been born in this period, but no record has yet been found.

22nd December 1893

Margaret's daughter, also Margaret McQueen, was born at 6.20 a.m. in 49 Clyde Street, Glasgow. Margaret McQueen (4), was employed as a Muslin Warehousewoman. Baby Margaret was born illegitimate and unfortunately there is no record of her father's name.

25th August 1900

This is the most recent find concerning Margaret. On this date she gave birth to another daughter, Jeannie Williamson McQueen. Jeannie was born at 2.10 am in the City Poorhouse in Glasgow. Once again there is no father's name and Margaret was the informant. I wonder though, if the middle name of "Williamson" gives any clue as to the father, as there is no trace of "Williamson" on Margaret's side. At this time Margaret's normal address was 3 Brown Street, West, Glasgow. The birth was registered in two districts - one in Blythswood, Glasgow and on the right hand side , outside of the entry the words "District of birth St. Rollox" is noted. The birth was also registered in St. Rollox. (St Rollox is in the north of Glasgow, south of Bishopbriggs). Margaret's occupation was Laundress.

1901 Census

At the time of the Census, Margaret, aged 28, still resided at 49 Clyde Street in Barony, Glasgow. Along with her daughter, Margaret and a Jeanie McQueen. The age of Jeanie is difficult to make out but it looks like 7 months so must be her daughter. Originally, I had not got Jeanie's birth and had thought that the Jeanie in the census might have been Margaret's. Margaret is described as a boarder, but more interestingly as a Widow. Could this mean she had been married or did she simply claim this to gain respectability? The Head of the household is William Reid and also living there is his wife Jeanie. Margaret's occupation was Laundress. Her birth place was given as Lanarkshire, Glasgow. Her age does not quite accord with the one given on her death certificate but I'm confident it is the same one.

View the full record here.

1911 Census

I believe have found Margaret (4) in the 1911 Census, (25th April 2022).  I found the Census record while looking for her daughter, Margaret (3).   The record is for 19 William Street in Helensburgh, the same address at which Margaret (4) died one year later.  The Census entry records that living there were "Margaret Hallie" aged 41 and a 'Laundry Maid', Margaret McQueen aged 17 and "Jeannie Queen" aged 80.   

So, this is a very confusing Census entry.  There really is no doubt that I found the correct Margaret (3) as the address is the same as the one at which she lived when getting married in 1917.  Also the ages ascribed to Margaret (3) on her Marriage record (23) and this Census record (17), not only agree with each other, but are also in accordance with her date of birth (December 1893).   Given that I have the correct Margaret (3) and that I know Margaret (4)'s address at the time of her death was 19 William Street, then it seems reasonable to assume that "Margaret Hallie" is actually Margaret (4), particularly as the age ascribed to "Margaret Hallie" matches the age ascribed to Margaret McQueen(4)  at that time of her death.  So why "Margaret Hallie"?  Well, it is not absolutely clear that it is actually "Hallie" - the handwriting is not wholly legible, but that is the name 'ScotlandsPeople' have interpreted it as.  However, the "H" could be an "St (and, indeed the "St" written elsewhere in the page, used to denote 'Street', is very similar)"; the second "l" doesn't have as open a loop at the top as the first "l", but on the other hand doesn't look like a "b" or "t" either, (the other obvious alternatives); lastly the "e" doesn't really look like an "e" - there is no open loop at the top - it doesn't really look like a "c" or an "s" either.  I've searched for a Margaret with surnames such as "Hallie", "Hollie", "Hollis", "Stallie" and "Stollie" for other records with those names, but found nothing.  The other matter to consider is that "Margaret Hallie" is described as a "Boarder" and her daughter is described as "Boarder's Daughter".  My assumption has been that the Head of the Household, "Jeanie Queen" was Margaret (4)'s mother - see below, but if so why is she not described as "Daughter"?  My conclusion is that we had a poor Enumerator, particularly in the light of the other curious element of the Census record, (see below).

The other curiosity is the surname ascribed to the Head of the Household - "Jeanie Queen".  Now it may be pure coincidence that a "Jeanie" aged 80, lived at the same address as "Jeanie McQueen", (Margaret (4)'s mother), who died there in 1922, but I think that is stretching it a bit.  I can find no other record of a Jeanie Queen that would match this one; so, once again, I can only conclude that we have a further Enumerator error.

24th August 1912

Margaret died, aged 42, at 4.30 p.m. at 19 William Street, Helensburgh. She was still a Laundress. The cause of death was given as "Carcinoma of Uterus, 1 year 7 months and Gradual Exhaustion". Her death was reported by her mother, who gave her name as Jeanie. Her father, who was deceased, was named as William McQueen, a Journeyman Joiner.  The column on the death certificate that records the informant also records the address of the informant, unless she lives at the address where death occurred.  As there is no other address given, the assumption must be that Jeanie (Jessie) lived at 19 William Street.

Margaret was buried in Helensburgh Cemetery in Lair No 24, Row 8, Section A West. Buried alongside her are her mother and daughter and her infant grandson Robert Smith Sutter.