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Margaret McQueen (3)

Generation 3




1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census















22nd December 1893

Margaret was born at 6.20 a.m. in 49 Clyde Street, Glasgow. Her mother, also called Margaret McQueen (4), was employed as a Muslin Warehousewoman. Margaret was born illegitimate and unfortunately there is no record of her father's name.

1901 Census

Margaret, aged 7, was recorded as still living at 49 Clyde Street, Glasgow. According to the Census she was living in the home of William and Jeanie Reid; (I've no idea whether they were relatives or not, but Margaret, her mother, Margaret McQueen (4) and her sister, Jeanie, are all described as lodgers.

1911 Census

I believe have found Margaret in the 1911 Census, (25th April 2022), living with her mother Margaret and Grandmother, Jeanie. It turns out that her mother was registered under another name - "Margaret Hollie". I came about this almost by accident (on 25th April 2022), when I was looking for Margaret's (3) ) in the 1911 Census and found her at 19 William Street, Helensburgh. In the past I had discounted this entry because of the absence of a mother called Margaret McQueen. At that time I would not have been aware of the importance of that address, but now that I know this was the address at which Margaret McQueen (4) died one year later, there can be little doubt that Margaret Hollie is Margaret McQueen, particularly as the age and occupation is right. I have no idea where 'Hollie' came from - there is no Margaret Hollie in any other records - so I think this may simply be down to a careles Enumerator.

Margaret was recorded as being aged 17 and a Laundress and having been born in Glasgow.

10th January 1917 - Marriage

Margaret married Robert Deans Sutter at Park Manse, Helensburgh in Dumbartonshire. Margaret was aged 23, lived at 19 William Street, Helensburgh and was employed as a Laundress. Her husband, Robert, was in army service and was home on leave from his role as a chauffeur with the British Expeditionary Force in France. Their witnesses were Thomas Niven and Agnes Mungal Copeland.

21st February 1920

Margaret's first son, Robert Smith Sutter, was born at 65 West Clyde Street, Helensburgh. Robert Deans Sutter was the informant and according to the birth certificate he was present at his son's birth. Sadly, Robert Smith Sutter died five days later, also at West Clyde Street, as a result of 'malformation of the heart.

8th May 1921

Margaret's 2nd son, William Deans Sutter, was born at 251 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. Once again the informant was Robert himself, although the birth certificate does not state that he was present at the birth. Despite William's birth taking place in Glasgow, Robert's domicile is noted, on the certificate, as 65 West Clyde Street, Helensburgh. Don't know if there is any significance in this, although Robert's sister Elizabeth, may have lived in Blythswood at the time (she had married there a month earlier) and his brother Andrew had also lived there.

25th February 1925

Margaret's daughter, Margaret Helen Sutter (my mum) was born at 14 Mackie Avenue, Port Glasgow. Again Robert was the informant and he was present.

2nd January 1927

Margaret had another daughter, Rona Deans Sutter, born on this date, again at 14 Mackie Avenue, Port Glasgow. Robert was again the informant and was present.

14th February 1932

Margaret's 3rd daughter, Elizabeth Smith Sutter (my Auntie Betty) was born, again at 14 Mackie Avenue. On this occasion Robert was not the informant. The informant was actually described as a neighbour - Williamina K. Patterson of 7 Broadshaw Avenue, Port Glasgow. So probably Robert was overseas at the time.

30th April 1932

Margaret died shortly after giving birth to Elizabeth. She died at her home in 14 Mackie Avenue, Port Glasgow and the cause of her death was recorded as "Mitral Stenosis, 3+ months, Decompensated". Her death was registered by her brother-in-law A. Sutter - presumably her husband was overseas at the time, as he mostly was during the years before and after this period. Her mother's name was recorded as Margaret McQueen, a laundress and deceased.