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Margaret Broun

Generation 9




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B: 1720












As I've said in Alexander Moffat's and John Moffat's pages, this being a genuine direct ancestor of mine, relies upon the evidence I've gathered for these two being correct. That evidence is circumstantial, but compelling, so I am happy to say that this is probably a genuine direct ancestor.

It is difficult to say whether this line continues beyond Margaret. I have found a baptismal record in 1728 for a Margaret Brown in West Linton. If she had been baptised shortly after her birth, his would have made Margaret 14 at the time of her marriage to James Moffat and 15 when giving birth to her first child, Mary. That is not impossible for these times, however, the record goes on to say that she was eight years old at the time of the baptism, so that would have made her 22 at the time of her marriage, the same age as the most likely candidate for the correct James Moffat. Also, the fact is that she is the only Margaret Brown born within a reasonable time span (stretching back to 1710) in Peeblesshire. So, with a largish pinch of salt, I'm going to carry on as though it is the correct Margaret Brown.


19th December 1728

A Margaret Brown was baptised in West Linton, Peebles, on this date. The parish record entry notes that she was eight years old at the time, making her year of birth 1820. Her parents are recorded as being James Brown and Marion Andrew.

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16th May 1742

Margaret Brown married James Moffat, on this day in Innerleithen, Peeblesshire. The record indicates that Margaret was of the parish of Stow, whilst James was of the parish of Innerleithen. The record shows that they paid the sum of 14 shillings for the proclamation.

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1st May 1743

Margaret's daughter, Helen, was born in Peebles. At this stage I have not acquired the actual record, but have this information from ScotlandsPeople.


Margaret's son, Alexander, was baptised in Peebles on this date, although the record states that he was "born three months before this". Alexander's parents are recorded as James Moffat and Margaret Broun (sic.). James's occupation is recorded, but it is indistinct - it looks like "Cert Gfo - Balli ker", but that doesn't make much sense.; (click on the record link below to see for yourself.) The witnesses were James Hodge and Alexander Brunton.

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