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Jean Martin

Generation 5




1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census














We have quite a lot of information about Jean (or Jeanie or Jessie) Martin, but some of it is contradictory. We can say with certainty, that we have the correct Jeanie McQueen's death certificate as the place of death, 19 William Street, Helensburgh, is the same address at which her daughter Margaret McQueen died.

We also have a marriage certificate and a birth certificate for a Jean Martin which are definitely for the same Jean Martin, but the age given on the marriage certificate and the date of birth would mean that Jean would have been 92 at her death and not the 82 shown on the death certificate referred to above.

Nevertheless, I am fairly sure that all three records refer to the same individual. Firstly the marriage certificate shows Jean's parents to be Henry Martin and Elizabeth McIntyre, while the death certificate states her father as Martin and her mother as McIntyre (no first names shown). Secondly, both her death certificate and her marriage certificate show William McQueen, her husband, to have been a joiner; circumstantial, but two pretty strong common pieces of information. Thirdly, the birth certificate shows the place of birth as Glasgow and we know from the 1891 Census entry that Jeanie was born in Glasgow. Lastly, her death was reported by her Grandson-in-Law (Robert Deans Sutter). How likely is it that someone would know for sure the age of their wife's grandmother? I certainly have no idea of my wife's grandmother's details. So there's a strong possibility that Robert simply got the age wrong.

One thing that bothers me is that I can't find her in any of the Censuses other, possibly, than 1911. At one time I thought I had found her in the 1901 Census living in the same house as her daughter Margaret and Granddaughter Margaret. Living there was a Jeannie whose age was indistinct, but looked as though it started with a '7'. However, later investigation showed that Jeannie was in fact a hitherto undiscovered second daughter of Margaret's. The'7' in fact came before an 'm', meaning months. So goodness knows where our Jean was during these times?

As mentioned above, I think I have found Jeanie in the 1911 Census, (25th April 2022), living with her daughter Margaret and Granddaughter, also Margaret.  It turns out that her daughter was registered under another name - "Margaret Hollie". I came about this almost by accident (on 25th April 2022), when I was looking for Jeanie's granddaughter, Margaret McQueen (3) in the 1911 Census and found her at 19 William Street, Helensburgh. In the past I had discounted this entry because of the absence of a mother called Margaret McQueen. At that time I would not have been aware of the importance of that address, but now that I know this was the address at which Margaret McQueen (4) died one year later, there can be little doubt that Margaret Hollie is Margaret McQueen, particularly as the age and occupation is right. This then turned my attention to the person named as the Head of Household, namely "Jeannie Queen". Although Jeanie's surname was McQueen, the age given to 'Jeanie Queen' (80) was close to the age Jeanie McQueen would have been at that time. The fact that the address 'Jeanie Queen' is registered in the 1911 Census, is the same as that at which  Jeannie McQueen died in 1922, suggests that they are one and the same and what we have is an example of a careless Enumerator.


12th December 1830

Jean was born in Glasgow. The actual entry read:- "Henry Martin, Shoemaker & Elizabeth McIntyre a Law: Dau: Jean, bo: 12th Dec: Ult: George Martin & John Martin". At this stage I am uncertain what some of this means, for instance 'a Law' and who are George and John Martin (brothers of Henry?) and why are they mentioned at all (God parents?)? More work required here.

1841 Census

Jean, aged 10 , is recorded as living at 5 High Street in the Parish of Albion Street, Glasgow, with her father, Henry Martin (6), aged 32 and her mother, Elizabeth, also aged 32), Also living there are Jean's sisters, Mary (12) and Elizabeth (4). Henry's occupation was 'Bird Stuffer' and he is recorded as not having been born in Scotland.

View the record.

2nd May 1852 - Marriage

Jean married William McQueen in Glasgow. William was a joiner who lived in Kelvin Haugh in the district of Barony, Glasgow.


Jean's daughter Margaret was born at some time during this period. This has been assumed from the age given on Margaret's death certificate.

1911 Census

Jeanie Queen is registered as living at 19 William Street, Helensburgh and being Head of Household.  She is recorded as being aged 80.  Also living there are "Margaret Hollie" aged 41 and Margaret McQueen, aged 17.  "Margaret Hollie" is almost certainly Margaret McQueen (4) as the age and occupation are correct, as is place of birth.  There is no trace of a Margaret Hollie anywhere else in the records, so this, once again, probably an error from a careless Enumerator.

24th August 1912

Jean's daughter Margaret died at the early age of 42. Margaret's death took place at 19 William Street, Helensburgh. Jean, whose name is recorded as Jessie on Margaret's death certificate, was the informant. The certificate recorded that Margaret's father was William McQueen, a Journeyman Joiner and deceased.

24th July 1922

Jeanie McQueen died at 3.45 a.m. at 19 William Street, Helensburgh. According to the certificate she was aged 82, but for the reasons stated earlier I believe this to be an error. She was recorded as being the widow of William McQueen, a joiner and to have had the maiden surname of Martin. The causes of her death were - Acute Bronchitis - 2 months, 7 days; Pulmonary Congestion - 2 months and Leg Ulcers due to Dropsy - 35 days. Her death was reported by her Grandson-in-Law, Robert Deans Sutter, who lived at 65 West Clyde Street, Helensburgh.