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Isabella Elliot

Generation 7




1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census














I first identified Isabella Elliot when, after years of searching for information about Jeannie Deans, I eventually found Jeannie's death certificate which identified her parents as Peter Deans and Isabella Elliot. That information led to the discovery of the births of many children, although, curiously, not of Jeannie herself. So far that is all we have; no direct records of Peter or Isabella.

There are quite a number of Isabella Elliots born in the appropriate area at around an appropriate time, but threre is not enough evidence to tie any of them to our Isabella.



Isabella's daughter Jane (Jeanie) was born in one of these years in Roberton, Roxburghshire. We have no actual record of the birth yet, but given her age (90) at her death on 30th December 1900, Jeannie must have been born during this year and from Census returns we know her place of birth.


Isabella's daughter Agnes, was born in Roberton. Again we have no record of the birth, but the ages attributed to Agnes on other records indicate that this was the year of her birth.

29th June 1817

Isabella's daughter Christian Elliot Deans was born in Roberton and baptised on 15th July 1827.

30th April 1820

Isabella's first son Peter Deans was born in Roberton, also baptised on 15th July 1827.

6th March 1823

Isabella's daughter Mary Deans was born in Roberton, also baptised on 15th July 1827.

18th December 1826

Isabella's son John Deans was born in Roberton, also baptised on 15th July 1827.

30th December 1900

Isabella's daughter, Jean Deans, died at Ormisbank Cottage, Eskbank, Dalkeith. She was aged 90 and her occupation was shown as Housekeeper. I wonder if this meant she was in fact keeping house for Andrew whose wife had died in 1893? The cause of her death was given as senility. Her parents were both deceased and were recorded as Peter Deans and Isabella Elliot. Jeannie's son, Andrew, reported her death.