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Helen Biggar

Generation 6




1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census















19th January 1796

Helen was born in Selkirk to Robert Biggar and Jean Thomson. The actual entry recorded that her parents' names were Robert Biggar, a servant at Oakwoodmill and Jean Thompson his spouse had a child, Helen, who had been born on 19th January 1796 and baptised on 14th February 1796, in the presence of the congregation.

View record.

24th November 1822

Helen married William Murray at Wilton in Roxburghshire. The actual record is short and reads:-

" Nov 24 | Proclamation William Murray & Helen Biggar both of this Parish |

£. S. D.

- 2 - "

1825 / 1826

Helen's daughter Jane and son Andrew were born in Hawick during this period. This is gleaned through the details shown for in the 1841, 1851 and 1871 Census. Andrew is not mentioned in the 1851 and 1871 Censuses, but is in the 1841 one. Jane is recorded as Jean in the 1841 Census, but it is commonplace for these two names to be transposed.

12th July 1827

Helen's daughter Elizabeth was born in Hawick - gleaned through details found in Elizabeth's marriage certificate.

20th September 1829

Helen's daughter Agnes was born in Hawick - gleaned from a search in 'scotlandspeople' website. Yet to see the actual record though.


Helen's son Robert was born in Hawick, Roxburghshire - gleaned through details found in the 1851 Census

1833 / 35

Helen's daughter, Isabel was born in Roxburghshire - gleaned through details found in the 1841 Census

1835 / 36

Helen's daughter Helen was born in Hawick, Roxburghshire - gleaned through details found in the 1851 Census

1838 / 39

Helen's son William was born in Hawick, Roxburghshire - gleaned through details found in the 1851 Census

1841 Census

The Census records that Helen, aged 45, lived with her husband William, aged 50, at Millar's Close, Hawick. Living with them were their children - Andrew (15), Jean (15), Agnes (11), Robert (9), Isabel (7), Helen (5) and William (2). Their other daughter, Elizabeth, aged 13, was living with relatives elsewhere in Hawick, (see Elizabeth Murray's 1841 Census entry). Also living there was an Isabel Henderson, aged 80, having been born in 1761, who I assume to be William's mother.

1851 Census

The Census records that Helen, aged 55, lived with her husband, William Murray (60) at 5 Brougham Place, Hawick. Living with them were their children - Jane aged 25 and a dress, Elizabeth aged 23 and a Domestic Servant, Robert aged 19 and a dresser of Woollen Hosiery, Helen aged 15 and a Domestic Servant and William aged 12 and a scholar. Also living there was Helen's granddaughter Helen Jackson aged 9 months. Given that all of Helen's children were shown as unmarried, it is not clear whose child this was.

28th December 1855

Helen's daughter Elizabeth married Andrew Smith at Brougham Place, Hawick. It is from Elizabeth's marriage certificate that we got her date and place of birth, but the actual record has not yet been discovered.

4th July 1857

Helen's daughter Agnes married James Lambert at Brougham Place, Hawick. Given Agnes's place of residence, Helen probably lived at 27 Brougham Place, Hawick at that time.

1861 Census

The Census records that Helen, aged 65 and her husband, William aged 70 live at High Street, Hawick. Also living there were their children - William (22), Joan (34) and Isabella (27). (Note yet another version of Jane/Jean.)

1871 Census

The Census records Helen, aged 75, as residing at 20 Dickson Street, Wilton, Hawick - the same street as her son-in-law Andrew lived in when he married Elizabeth Murray. Helen's place of birth is shown as "Roxburghshire, Selkirk". Also living there were her husband William (80) and their unmarried daughter Jane, aged 45.

20th December 1871

Helen died at 11 p.m. at Dickson Street, Wilton, her place of residence. She was aged 77 and she died from Old Age and Debility (the same as her husband later on). Her death was reported by her son William who had been present - her son lived at 35 High Street, Hawick. Her husband was named as William Murray, a China Merchant and her parents were recorded as Robert Biggar, a ploughman (deceased and Jane Thomson (deceased).