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Elizabeth Murray

Generation 5




1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census














Like her eventual husband, Andrew Smith, we learned Elizabeth's date of birth from their marriage certificate. In her case though, the marriage certificate does state that the birth was "registered in the Records of Hawick Parish".

During my investigations into Elizabeth I visited the modern day Courthill Farm and took a few pictures. Unfortunately when I was there the present day owners were on holiday and although I left a note asking them whether they had any farm records going back to this period that might mention Elizabeth, I've heard nothing. I'll try again another time.


12th July 1827

Elizabeth was born in Hawick. I got this date from Elizabeth's marriage certificate, which also told us that her parents were William Murray and Helen Biggar.

View the full record here.

1841 Census

I have found the Census record for Elizabeth's family, but although all the rest of the family recorded as being present, she is not. It looks as though she was staying with relatives as I have found a Census record for an Elizabeth Murray of the correct age and place of birth, (13 and Roxburghshire). She was staying at Buccleugh Street, Hawick with James and Margaret Murray, whom I take to be Elizabeth's Aunt and Uncle. Also staying there were John Murray aged 14. Anthony Dodds aged 22 and Elizabeth Ronson aged 18.

View the full record here.

1851 Census

Elizabeth is recorded in the Census as living in Brougham Place Melrose's in Hawick. This was one of the addresses shown on her marriage record too. Elizabeth was aged 23 and described as "Unmarried". No occupation is recorded. The head of the household was her father, William Murray, then aged 60 and a Woollen Factory Worker. Also living there were Elizabeth's mother, Helen Biggar, aged 55 and her siblings Jane (25), Robert (19), Helen (15) and William (12) and William's granddaughter, Helen Jackson, aged 0, so presumably only recently born.

28th December 1855

Elizabeth married Andrew Smith at Brougham Place, Hawick according to the rites of the United Reform Church. She was aged 28 and was employed as a Domestic Servant. Her 'present' address was given as Brougham Place, Hawick, but her usual' address was Courthill, Parish of Wilton. Courthill was a farm on the northern outskirts of Hawick and my assumption is that that was her place of work. Interestingly, one of the couple's witnesses, Andrew Stark, was a Farm Steward at Courthill.

1st November 1857

Elizabeth's twin daughters Helen and Jane were born at 11.15 p.m. and 11.45 p.m. respectively at Weensland, Hawick. Andrew was present and he advised the Registrar of their births. At that time Andrew was employed as a Wool Scourer.

1861 Census

The Census records that Elizabeth, aged 33 lived with her husband, Andrew Smith (28) at the 2nd House in the Village of Weensland, Hawick. Her place of birth was given as Hawick, Roxburghshire. Living there with them was their daughter Helen, aged 3. Given no mention of Helen's twin sister Jane, it seems likely that she died in infancy, but I have yet to see the record.

7th September 1863

Elizabeth had another daughter, Agnes, born this day in Weensland, Hawick Parish.


From Census details we know Elizabeth had a son called William born in this period in Innerleithen, Peeblesshire.


The Census records that Elizabeth, aged 43 lived with her husband Andrew Smith (38) in Eskbank. (For some reason I haven't taken a full transcript of the census entry, so don't have the town, but presume it to be Dalkeith.) Living there with them were their children Helen, aged 13 a scholar, Agnes aged 7 and William aged 3.


From Census details we know Elizabeth had a son called Robert born in this period in Dalkeith.


The Census records that Elizabeth, aged 53, lived at Ormisbank Cottage in Dalkeith. She was shown as having been born in Hawick, Roxburghshire. Also living there were her husband Andrew (49) and her children Agnes (17), William (15) and Robert (8).


The census shows that Elizabeth, now aged 62, still lived at Ormisbank Cottage, Eskbank. By then only her husband Andrew (58) and her daughter Agnes (27) lived at the same address.

23rd February 1893

Elizabeth died at 7.45 a.m. at Ormisbank Cottage, Eskbank, Dalkeith. She was aged 65 and was described as a Domestic Servant. Her husband, Andrew Smith, was still alive and reported her death to the Registrar having been present at her death. Elizabeth died from Heart Disease which she had for "some years" and Apoplexy which had lasted for 3 hours. Both her parents were deceased at this time and were shown as being William Murray and 'Nellie' Murray (m/s Biggar).