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Elizabeth McIntyre

Generation 6




1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census



1809 / 10











I first came across Elizabeth through the death record of her daughter, Jean Martin (McQueen), on which her parents are named as Henry Martin (6) and Elizabeth McIntyre. That eventually led me to further information about Henry Martin (6), which in turn gave me information about Elizabeth. To date, though, despite extensive searching, I have been unable to trace Elizabeth's birth or death records.

For quite a while I had a little bit of uncertainty surrounding Henry Martin (6) and that uncertainty really stemmed from the contradictory information we have about his daughter, Jean/Jessie Martin. As I say in Jean's page I believe I've got the correct records for her and therefore her parents are as stated above.

I've now all records relating to Henry and am certain that this is the right person. The birth record I have found is a couple of years earlier than I might have expected from the ages ascribed to Henry in 1841 and 1851 Censuses - 32 and 42 respectively. However, Henry Martin is a fairly rare name and the one I found was born in Alloa, as suggested in the 1851 Census, so I am fairly satisfied that I have the correct Henry.

So, if I've got the right Henry, I've got the right Elizabeth.


1808 / 09

From the ages ascribed to Elizabeth in the various Census records, Elizabeth must have been porn during this period. However, I have been unable to find a record of her birth.

17th December 1827

Elizabeth married Henry Martin (6)in Glasgow. The actual entry read:-

"Henry Martin Shoemaker of Glasgow and Elizabeth McIntyre residing there married 17th December. Dr. Duncan McFarlan one of the ministers of Glasgow."

15th December 1828

Elizabeth's daughter Mary was born in Lanarkshire, Glasgow

12th December 1830

Elizabeth's daughter Jean was born in Glasgow. The actual entry read:-

"Henry Martin, Shoemaker & Elizabeth McIntyre a Law: Dau: Jean, bo: 12th Dec: Ult: George Martin & John Martin".

'a Law' means lawful. I wonder, though, who George and John Martin are and why they are mentioned at all - were they witnesses? More work required here.

Further Children

Henry had at least three further children whose years of birth I have not recorded. They were Peter, Henry and Elizabeth.

1841 Census

Elizabeth, aged 32 and Henry, also aged 32, are recorded as living at 5 High Street in the Parish of Albion Street, Glasgow. Also living there were her daughters, Mary (12), Jean (10) and Elizabeth (4). Henry's occupation was 'Bird Stuffer' and he is recorded as not having been born in Scotland.

View the record.

1851 Census

Elizabeth, aged 42 and Henry, also aged 42, are recorded as living at 48 King Street in the Parish of St Mary's or Tron in Glasgow. Also living there were his wife, Elizabeth (42) and his her children, Elizabeth (14) a shopkeeper and Henry (11) a scholar. On this occasion Henry's occupation is given as 'bird preserver and tavern keeper' and Elizabeth's as 'tavern keeper'. Interestingly, this time Henry's place of birth is given as Alloa, Clackmannanshire. Also recorded as residing with them is Betsy Lynch aged 15 and a general servant, born in Ireland.

View the record.

2nd May 1852

Elizabeth's daughter Jean married William McQueen in Glasgow. William was a joiner who lived in Kelvin Haugh in the district of Barony, Glasgow.'

24th September 1852

Elizabeth's husband, Henry, died not long after their daughter, Jean, got married. The cause of death is given as "4 Apoplexy". The death is on a burial record and not a statutory record, so details are different, e.g. there is no indication of his marital status, so we don't know whether Elizabeth was alive at this stage. What we can say is that Henry was 44 and that no occupation was recorded. The address given as his residence is 41 Nicholas Street, Glasgow. Other useful pieces of information are that he was buried on 27th September in the 'Old' churchyard and that there were 2 ushers in attendance; that the funeral cost the shillings and moving his gravestone cost two shillings.

View the record.

24th July 1922

Elizabeth's daughter, Jeanie McQueen, died at 3.45 a.m. at 19 William Street, Helensburgh. She was recorded as being the widow of William McQueen, a joiner and to have had the maiden surname of Martin. Her death was reported by her Grandson-in-Law, Robert Deans Sutter, who appeared to have only known Jean's parents' surnames, i.e. Martin (father) and McIntyre (mother). Her father's occupation was given as "bird dealer", which fits with the occupation given for Henry in the 1841 Census.