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Alexander Cranstoun

Generation 12




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I identified Alexander Cranstoun as being Margaret Cranstoune's father through Margaret's birth record. That record did not identify Margaret's mother, however. From there, I found a marriage record for an Alexander Cranstoun that took place in Peebles in 1648. Nothing in all this is certain, but given the apparent rarity of 'Cranstoune' or derivations thereof, as a name in Scotland at the time and also given the seeming propensity for this line to have these events recorded, it seems likely that this is my ancestor. The marriage states that Alexander married Helen Falconer.

I think, though, that this line ends here. There was only one Alexander Cranstoun born in what might be a reasonable time span (I searched back to 1600) and he was born In Edinburgh. It is not impossible that this family might have moved from Edinburgh to Peeblesshire, but there was not a lot of movement around the country in those days. For the sake of future searches, I'll record here that the record I found stated that he was born on 26th January 1612 and that his parents were Alexander Robert Cranstoun and Beatrix Waldie.

I have also been unable to find a record of Alexander's death.


16th June 1648

Alexander married Helen Falconer in Peebles. Once again, the record is practically indecipherable and the only name I can make out is 'Helen Falconer'. Personally, I cannot see Alexander Cranstoun's name anywhere in the entry, but both ScotlandsPeople and FindMyPast state explicitly that is is he. So, I have to accept that, but see for yourself jusing the link below and if you can decipher the record, please message me and let me know.

View record.

24th March 1658

Alexander's daughter, Margaret, was born in Peebles on this date. The parish entry records her father as being Alexander Crenstoune. Unfortunately her mother's name is not recorded.

3rd July 1679

Alexander's daughter, Margaret, married James Andrew in West Linton, Peeblesshire. Unusually for a parish record, there appears to be quite a lot of detail in the entry. However, the writing is practically indecipherable and some really good information may not be available to us. I'll leave it for you to have a look at the record and see if you have more luck than me. I will return to it and see what I can make of it at a later date.

View record.

View record extract.