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Agnes Mein

Generation 7




1841 Census

1851 Census

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At this stage, I have found Agnes's birth, death and 1841 Census records. As she died in 1847 there will be no other Censuses and I am fairly convinced that she never married. It took me some time to find Agnes's birth record and it came about from a piece of information that a distant relative, Margaret Denholm, gave me about the death of Agnes's husband (or partner), Thomas Roger. This led me to see the significance of Newton as a place name. Both Agnes and Thomas were buried in Newton and eventually, this led me to the birth of Agnes Mien (not Mein as she is in other records) in Newton in 1774.

I also know of Agnes through her children's births, marriages and deaths, particularly those of Thomas Roger (6). Like her 'husband '(?), Thomas Roger (7), she likely lived most of her adult life in Liberton. Certainly all of her children were born there. She lived there at the time of the 1841 Census and she died there.

The question mark against Thomas Rodger (7) being her husband simply reflects the absence so far of any record of them actually marrying. The indication from her son Thomas (6)'s death certificate and the 1841 Census record is that they did marry as they both give her name as Agnes Rogers, but I'm not so sure. The fact that she is named Agnes Mein on her death certificate and that she is recorded as Agnes Mein on all of her children's birth records, suggests that they did not marry.


Birth - 15th October 1774

Agnes Mien (note different spelling) was born in Newton on this date and baptised the following day. Her parents were recorded as John Mien and Isabell Brown. The witnesses are recorded but unfortunately they are not legible.

View the record.


It is unclear whether Agnes and Thomas Roger ever married. It seems likely that they did, but curious that it appears never to have been recorded, particularly as both of their births were recorded and the births of most of their children were also recorded.

Agnes and Thomas Rodger had a number of children whose birth details were ………

  • 2nd July 1795 - their daughter, Isabel Rodger was born in Liberton.
  • 28th February 1799 - their daughter Margaret Rodger was born.
  • 7th March 1802 - their son, James Rodger, was born.
  • 30th September 1803 - their twin sons, John and Thomas Rodger, were born. Thomas is the person in my direct line.
  • 18th October 1805 - their daughter, Marion Rodger, was born.
  • 5th June 1806 - their daughter, Agnes Rodger, was born. (Given the period between Marion's and Agnes's births, they obviously didn't waste any time and Agnes must have been born a little early.)
  • 23rd March 1810 - their twin daughters, Rebecca and Helen, were born.
  • 5th January 1813 - another daughter named Helen was born, so presumably the earlier Helen died in early childhood; although no death record has been found.
  • 3rd December 1816 - another son named John was born, so again the earlier John, born 13 years earlier, presumably passed away in the meantime. Again, no death record has been found.

February 1831

Agnes's son, Thomas Rodger, married Mary Moffat in West Linton, County of Peebles

1841 Census

The Census records that Agnes Rogers, aged 65 and her husband Thomas Rogers (7), also aged 65 lived at "Kiln, Liberton, Edinburgh. Both their birth years were given as 1776. Also living there was a Rebecca Rogers aged 25, who I take to be one of their children, although I haven't found a record of her birth and two younger children, Agnes aged 4 and Rebecca aged 1 - presumably Thomas's grandchildren? Thomas's Occupation was recorded as Agricultural Labourer.

Death - 21st March 1847

Agnes Mein died, aged 72, in Newton, Midlothian. She was buried three days later on 24th March. Her place of residence was recorded as Burdiehouse, Liberton. As this was where her son, Thomas Roger (6) was born, it gives me confidence that this is the correct Agnes. Interestingly, although the 1841 Census records Agnes as "Agnes Rogers", her death record calls her Agnes Mein. Agnes was buried in "Space 71" in Newton Churchyard and this was arranged by her sister Rebecca Mein.

View the record.

23rd January 1881

Agnes Rogers (m/s Mein) is recorded on her son Thomas Rogers (6) death certificate.